Save Money

Now more than ever before it’s important to be smart about our finances and save money wherever we can!

Did you know you could save on bills like your cell phone, internet service, and cable just to name a few?

I had no idea there was a tech company with a large platform that could negotiate some of my bills and get them reduced!

I’ve partnered with a company, ViV, to bring savings to my tribe! It’s as simple as uploading your bills on this website.  Upload your bills (site is and let ViV go to work to see how much money it can save you!

I love that ViV is a company that cares about people across the globe. 1% of the company’s revenue goes to helping disadvantaged communities all over the world and ViV’s One At A Time initiative looks for ways to empower those communities to thrive.

Click Here now to see how much you could save!



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