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I’m Heahter

Hey ~ I’m Heather Anderson and it’s so good to have you here!

I’m a single mompreneur, transformation expert, and Chief Creative Officer here at HeatherLeighAnderson.com. I live in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado with my daughter, Lilly, and rescue fur baby, Beanie! I’m passionate about helping and uplifting people. This website was inspired by my desire to do just that and the need to support my high and special needs daughter who was adopted through the foster system and finally diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum as a teenager.

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My work background is in the beauty industry, real estate, and home remodeling, but at the end of the day the common themes throughout the years are my passion for people; personal growth; bringing beauty to the world; sharing what I’ve learned to help others; tying seemingly unrelated things and weird ideas together; and inspiring people, making their lives better!

It took going through some REALLY hard times and completely overwhelming heartbreak for me to ask the question, “How did I get HERE?!?”

I asked the question then was willing to listen, open to seeing my results, admitted they weren’t what I wanted for my life, was open to doing and seeing things differently, and FINALLY got my answers. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars (and lots of sleepless nights and an ocean of tears) and years – if not decades – learning and pulling the pieces together to learn how to build and create the life I dreamed of, and that’s how I’m able help and inspire you!

I want to encourage you and have you know deep down that you can come out of totally awful, heartbreaking circumstances, trauma, or messed up relationships and still create a wonderful, fulfilling life starting NOW – even if it’s not quite how you had originally pictured it. That’s part of the beauty in life and our journeys – sometimes it ends up being better than we could’ve ever possibly imagined!

It’s my intention & hope that you’re completely

blessed & inspired by what is on these pages!

So much love,



I look forward to connecting more with you.



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