Does your life look the way you want it to look or how you dreamed it to be?

Are you saying to yourself, “My life is fine the way it is.” If so, are you being honest with yourself? Or have you felt like something is missing but you just can’t quite figure out what? Have you had those moments like me when I looked at my life and my results and said to myself, “Is this really my life? How did I get here?” I thought I was making good decisions but they didn’t take me where I wanted to go. I was like, “What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks?!”

It makes sense looking back now but it DEFINITELY didn’t at the time.

I’m telling you what I’m about to because I want you to know what you, too, can overcome.

I’ve had and dealt with: severe endometriosis; infertility; two life-altering injuries; a traumatic brain injury (TBI); the loss of a longtime foster child I was expecting to adopt; the adoption of – what turned out to be – a high-needs, traumatized child; the sudden, heartbreaking death of a sister; my house burning down in a forest fire; PTSD; a traumatic divorce from an abusive narcissist; being a single mom; some more relationship heartbreak; compound grief (when you experience so much loss, you can’t fully grieve one loss before the next major one comes along); and debilitating depression and anxiety. It’s quite the list ~ you just can’t make up reality. I’ve spent years learning how to cope and go from BARELY surviving to thriving!

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I finally had to get real and tell myself, “Okay, you seriously need to STOP and figure out why you have so much chaos in your life and why you keep attracting men that are unhealthy for you.”

Sometimes we try so hard to get to the “right” place and have the life we want. We think that if we get the things or relationships we want, we’ll feel a sense of satisfaction, things will somehow magically shift fall into place, and life will be good. So we either work harder or get into more debt (or both) thinking THAT must be the answer.

If that doesn’t happen or life doesn’t work out the way we had hoped or dreamed, we often give up in complete frustration. Some of us get so beaten down by circumstances in our lives we can barely function. Then most often we settle for much less than we deserve. We settle in our jobs, our relationships, and worst of all – the pursuit of our dreams.

We live in an extremely stressful environment and if we’re unaware, we move into a mental and emotional state of survival. If you experience anxiety, sleeping problems, fatigue, lots of frustration, and feeling like you’re in overdrive and burned out, you’re likely in survival mode. But you CAN go from surviving to thriving!

I can show you how to have a beautiful home and a life that LOOKS well-put-together, but it’s useless if you pursue and get it without having the right mindset and foundational pieces in place. It simply doesn’t work because even if and when you get what you think you want, something still feels “off” and empty.

The spaces and relationships that surround us reflect the state of our minds. Are they orderly or in disarray? If we aren’t getting what we want in life, how do we become the person we need to be to get it? We have to be willing participants in our own healing.

I can give you the tools you need to remodel your ENTIRE life to become the BEST version of you so you can truly live the life you’ve only dreamed about!

How can I say that? Because I’ve done it myself and I can help you do it too. At a point not-so-long-ago I found myself a single mom living at poverty level. I had no idea how I was going to survive and support my daughter. I felt like I should just pick a sturdy, large box and a good bridge to live under. That’s how discouraged and overwhelmed with my situation I was. It was tough.

I felt so incredibly broken. I prayed for answers for years out of complete desperation and FINALLY got them. They had been right under my nose the whole time – I just hadn’t been in the right place mentally and emotionally to grasp them! But after all I had been through, I was listening very closely.

If we want something different in life and we want it to LOOK very different than it has or currently does, we have to do things differently than we’ve EVER done them before!

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You can be, have, and do anything you want. SERIOUSLY. It took me a while to believe it because of all the hard knocks and losses. But I chose to watch and observe the people in my life who were running toward their dreams and actually making them happen. They weren’t people with privilege, born into wealthy families, or who had connections. They were average, middle class Americans like me. So I thought, “Hmmm…If they can do it, so can I.”

Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute started me on the path to understanding how limited of a life I had been leading and gave me the tools to lead a life as big as my wildest dreams.

You are LOVED and WORTHY of your biggest dreams!

You Are Worthy

Most of us need someone to go before us to watch and use as inspiration for ourselves to see what we might be capable of. That’s sad because we’re all created with INFINITE potential – we just don’t realize it. When we come across the right information and tools, we may be capable of even more than the person we’re watching as our personal achievement barometer!


You are a gift. Your life is a gift. So let me help you put a BIG,


sparkly bow on it!


So what’d ya think? Are you ready for the adventure of your life? 

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